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This item is used to read data from a text file. yoshinoGRAPH can read only text files like below.

--sample 1--
"R/ohm vs. T/K of brass wire / 10/1/2005"
300.5 1.3845E-3
292.1 1.3029E-3
285.3 1.2951E-3

--sample 2--
R/ohm vs. T/K of brass wire at 5 T / 10/1/2005
Harukazu Yoshino at Osaka City University
3.5, 1.3845E-3, 5.01
2.1, 1.3029E-3, 5.02
2.3, 1.2951E-3, 5.01

You can enter remark/text lines before and/or after data. They are automatically recognized as remarks.

yoshinoGRAPH can read multicolumn data. Neighboring numbers should be separeted by a delimiter (space, tab, commma and so on).

Date and time are automatically converted into double precision number in the unit of hour. The date and time at the first row is set to zero.

After selecting the data file you wishe, the file-select window is closed and the data selector (see [Data]-[Select Column]) opens by pressing this button.

This button cancels to read a data file.