updated on Nov. 28, 2012

Sreen shots

A running image of yoshinoGRAPH with four child windows of different graph types.

Multilocation-multifile selector to read data files quickly.

A lot of functions to convert data.

The window to fit data to an arbitrary function with up to 10 parameters.

A circle plot and editing data points.

A dot plot showing radio-buttons to change axis styles.

A symbol plot with aspect ratio of 1:1 and a regression line.

A presentation plot with enlarged fonts, colored background and a boxed label.

A presentation plot with shifting each data curve depending on the z-axis value.

A 3D plot with circles using the same data above.

A density plot of bicolor.

A density plot of rainbow color.

A 3D plot with half-transparent rainbow color and a color scale.

Superposing another graph in an enlaged scale on that in a wider scale.