The author thanks Mr. Kazuya Nakabo, who is a graduated student at Osaka City University, for reporting the biggest number of bugs ever found by users.

The author thanks Dr. Miron Cristea at Politehnica University of Bucharest for reporting problems of yoshinoGRAPH in Latin environments and giving valuable suggestions.

Dr. Yasuhisa Yamamura at Tsukuba University had been giving me valuable comments to debug and develop yoshinoGRAPH's predecessor software KAKIKAKI since we were students at Tokyo Metropolitan University.

Prof. Kazuya Saito was the author's adviser at Tokyo Metropolitan University and gave important idea that is realized as some useful functions of KAKIKAKI and yoshinoGRAPH. One of those functions is that to fit a line to data manually like one moves a ruler on paper.

yoshinoGRAPH is utilizing DotNetZip to realize the function to save a compressed project file. The author thanks the project members of DotNetZip.