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[Analyze]-[Convert Data]
[special]-[make table]

This is a kind of smoothing like [smooth], but by this item one can make a series of data separated by a constant step in the x-axis. When one presses the button, the "Make table" window opens.

"Order of polynomial"
One can choose the order of the power polynomial function used for the curve fit.

"x-axis range"
One can set the range of the table to be made by setting the maximum and minimum of the x-axis. If the raw data do not exist in the vicinity of the max. and min., yoshinoGRAPH carries out extrapolation by using the closest data.

"Space in x"
This item is used to determine the step of the table in the x-axis. One can determine the step by selecting the number of "division", by the "absolute" of x and by the value relative to the x-axis range.

"Data set"
By this item one can choose the way of making a data set to calculate each point of the table to be made. By the option "closest n points" one can exactly decide the number of neighboring data points to be used. Or one can use all data within a fixed range by using the option "within fixed range". Then one can enter the width of each small range by an "absolute" value of the x-axis as well as a value "relative" to the x-axis range.