updated on Aug. 31, 2014

Known bugs

date of finding bugs
8/25/2014 -yoshinoGRAPH fails to load its compressed project (.ygz) file when its name includes 16-bit Japanese characters.
2/21/2014 -yoshinoGRAPH crashes when it tries to save a large project file without sufficient amout of pc memory.
1/31/2014 -yoshinoGRAPH fails to open its project file on a network drive by double-clicking it.
6/10/2008 -yoshinoGRAPH crashes on Windows 98SE/Me. It happens when, for example, [Data]-[Read Multifile], [Data]-[Select Column] and so on are selected.
This happens when yoshinoGRAPH tries to use a VB6 componet like driveListBox. I could not find any solutions to fix this problem except for redesigning the software without using VB6 components. Instead I gave up to support Windows 98SE and Me, since I am not using them. (6/23/2008)
2/13/2008 -The "print to file" option in the "Print" window sometimes does not work well.
12/7/2007 -Deleted (invisible) data are used in addition to living (visible) data to calculate spline curves with the item [Analyze]-[Fit Spline-Curve].
10/25/2007 -[Analyze]-[Data Point] does not work well when [Plot]-[Shift y by z(up)]/[Shift y by z(down)] is being used. (11/24/2009)
10/24/2007 -Alignment of texts of labels in "right" and "center" does not work well when subscript, symbol fonts and so on are used. (11/19/2007)
-Options "right" and "center" are not reflected in the sample pictureBox in "Edit label" window. (11/19/2007)